Artist statement

We live in a "plugged in" culture, constantly distracted from the individual moments that create a life. Not long ago we were free from the constant bombardment of news, commercials, apps, cameras, viral videos and all the rest, we experienced the length of a moment.  Life moves quicker and is over sooner when one is distracted.  


In rebellion against this social norm I create pieces focusing on the human body and the natural world as well as the human experience of being; how we as humans experience light, color, nature, and existence. Using a constantly evolving method of expressive paint application on various surfaces, I celebrate the simplicity of a single, ever fleeting moment frozen in time. I dream of creating the same peaceful moment of presence for the viewers of my work and selfishly enjoy the beauty of this state of mind as I create each piece.

Miriam Scigliano (b. 1976 USA)
Currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


2021 Living With Art II- Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 

2020 Illumination Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC

2020 110x110x110- Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

2020 Living With Art- Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 

2020 Oil Painters of America Spring Online Showcase

2020 Hoyt Regional Juried Exhibition

2020 Murder Summon, Artisan, PA

2019 Off The Wall, The Gallery One/ Collective Works, PA
2019 Solo Exhibition, Artisan, PA

2019 Murder Summon, Artisan, PA

2018, Art on the Walls Mayors Office, Pittsburgh, PA

2018, Associated Artist of Pittsburgh New Members Exhibition, PA

2018, Regional Show, North Hills Community Arts Center, PA
2018, Student Instructor Exhibition, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, PA
2017, Turning Red, Sweetwater Center for the Arts , PA
2017, Annual Exhibition, North Hills Community Arts Center, PA


2020-present Oil Painters of America

2018-present Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, PA

2018 West Hills Art League, PA

D&O Wine Cellars- Crafton, PA

Department of Social Services -Prince Frederick, MD
Dr. Emad Al-Banna M.D. -Prince Frederick, MD


D&O Wine Cellars- Crafton, PA/USA
2016 Root Construction Pittsburgh, PA/USA
Mixed Media- Exterior Commercial

Commissions- Private
Robinson PA, Oil on Canvas

Prince Frederick, MD/USA
Oil Painting-Exterior
Huntingtown, MD/ USA
Oil Painting- Interior

Private Collection Huntingtown, MD
Private Collection Pittsburgh, PA/USA
Private Collection Seattle, WA/USA
Private Collection Salt Lake City, UT/USA
Private Collection Tasmania, AU
Private Collection Ben Avon, PA


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