Miriam Scigliano (b.1976) is a self taught figurative artist often working in a mix of oil and acrylic paints as well as charcoal.  She uses various tools to apply the materials to canvas resulting in a semi-abstract quality to her finished paintings.  Scigliano’s threads of exploration have proven to reflect themes of movement and illuminate the complexities of women. Her recent work often pulls from themes associated with identity, normalizing the aesthetic of the non sexual female form as well as the complicated emotions of dealing with mental health, society and simply being human.


Scigliano lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is a member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh as well as Oil Painters of America.  She has exhibited extensively including a multi-year exhibition project in the administrative offices and Mayor’s Office of the City County Building in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania entitled "Art on the Wall: Mayors Office".  Her work is also the featured design for the brand D&O Wine Cellars.